Jonas Jonasson
/Jonasson/jonas.jpgWelcome to my world of fiction
My father used to turn off the television right after the evening news. ”The world is all shit”, he would say. Now and again, he changed his phrasing into ”It makes you want to cry”.
Yes, father. We should all be troubled by the state of the world. By black and white opinions that take the place of fact. By the sad notion that the simple truth is now as rare as a positive thought in your head before bedtime.
The world is aching for common sense. The democracies of the world are threatened to the very core by the values they were once founded on. Under attack from the outside as well as the inside. But, surely, the world is not as bad as I make it sound in my books. Sometimes it is worse. You wanted to cry, father. I prefer to laugh. The result is all the same. A laughter is a way to deal with it all. To make things even more bearable, my world of fiction always includes a happy ending.
You know how I like to exaggerate.
“Things are what they are, and whatever will be, will be.”
/Jonasson/allan.png Allan Karlsson
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